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Once part of Lal Kot, the first urban complex in Delhi built by the Tomar Rajputs, today the Qutb Complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses some of the major structures constructed by the Turkish rulers of Delhi, following the victory of Mahmud of Ghazni over Prithviraj...

Nizamuddin Dargah

“Hunuz Dilli dur ast” (Delhi is still far away) – Nizamuddin Auliya The Dargāh of Nizamuddin Auliya is situated amidst Nizamuddin bastī. Apart from a large number of tombs belonging to royal dignitaries and nobles, there were several medieval structures erected around the...

Lutyens’ Delhi

The ‘eighth’ and final city of Delhi was built by the British to leave a permanent imprint on the city of Delhi. On 12 December, 1911, when King George V announced that the center of government would shift from Calcutta, long-time capital of British rule in India to Delhi a site...

Lodhi Garden Heritage Walk

Lodhi Garden is picturesque location which is the perfect blend of nature and history. The garden is dotted with beautiful monuments and tombs, symbolizing a historic past within an urbane setting. Earlier named Lady Willingdon Park, after the wife of the then British Viceroy, it...

Humayun’s Tomb Complex

The tomb complex of Humayun, located in Nizamuddin East, encompasses the main tomb of Emperor Humayun as well as numerous other Mughal structures. The tomb itself, a massive red sandstone and white marble structure rests on a large plinth in the centre of an enclosed Mugha...

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