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We as an organization, at City Explorers Pvt. Ltd., work in tandem with the needs and changing times of the socio-economic structure of our diverse country. Our organizational work has been in the arena of cultural heritage and tourism which simultaneously creates positive community impact on the environment, economy and the local neighborhood. In the process, we undertake all aspects of tangible and in-tangible heritage as our services and products, city-wise in pan-India.

Our impact endeavour India City Heritage Institute® works closely with our flagship brands like India City Walks, India Heritage Walks® and India With Locals. We enable the best delivery of thematic heritage experiences. India City Walks is a three-time National Tourism Award winner & a Hall of Fame award winner from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. We are committed to showcase the Indian culture in the most authentic way.

In the arena of tourism delivery, we have often experienced a limitation in skilled, trained or informed individuals. To mitigate the same, we have the proposed project of ‘India City Heritage Institute®’ aimed at introducing in-class and online courses to showcase built environment, cultural heritage, art and living fabric. Alongside, we will offer an innovative model for maximising the economic impact of cultural tourism in urban neighbourhoods.We undertake educational mandates and create awareness in collaboration with various stakeholders. Our intent is to help new generations to tap their domestic/local potential.  We regularly curate new products and support travel agents, tour guides, publications, websites, universities, arts projects and associations that are designed to build connections between people, places and culture.Our recent initiative have integrated locals as Monument Friends® and collective effort is focussed into development of local tourism through our impact initiative My Neighbourhood My Heritage®.

The pandemic has for now moved the focus to completely online modes on interaction and education. Following the footsteps of the newer initiatives by the Government of India on electronic eduction, we have worked on India City Heritage Institute® with e-learning of all aspects history and heritage under the paradigm of tourism studies.

Together as a community we must make every effort to protect our common future in cultural heritage. We actively support the ‘new’ ways of experiencing the historic and cultural spaces, ways that reflect the cultural immersion. As travellers become sensitive to local cultures and seek authentic experiences it is locals who show them destinations in locally immersive manner. As promoters of responsible and sustainable tourism, preserving a community’s cultural heritage has been among the responsibilities of India City Walks and we shall continue to do so. We integrate training programs and visit places to train locals.

Our platforms bring the host communities and culture together for the globetrotter to experience India. Our experiential products are segmented within people, process and technology. We impart training for awareness around environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. We have continuously brought the local communities as partners to make a significant contribution in tourism sector envisioning to celebrate India.

The tourism industry in India is growing and requires support of on-ground enablers at every step. We ensure that this becomes a sustainable, stable ecosystem for the benefit of all. We believe in making a social impact and not disrupting any local life. Our endeavour is to make sure that all rungs of the tourism service sector serves in harmony. We contribute in enhancing the COUNTRY’S CAPACITY TO MANAGE HERITAGE resources. We encourage inclusivity, imaginative and durable social development programmes that would make a difference at the local level. Experiencing the tourism industry from bottom to top, we understand the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and India’s policies around the same.

Our incubator program  ‘SUSTAINABLE ACHIEVEMENTS CHAMPIONING HERITAGE INDUCED NETWORK’  is introduced under our parent company CITY EXPLORERS PVT LTD in conjunction with several flagships to offer travel led cultural heritage opportunities spread across India. The selection of the candidates will be done based on prerequisites defined by us.

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If you are continuously seeking information about a place, acquiring in-depth knowledge about a craft, have an inquisitive mind and wish to interpret the recorded or oral sources of heritage and history – then join us in the mission to be the best ambassadors of our country’s heritage and legacy.