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India City Walks™ (ICW®) is renowned as one of the well-known brands in the field of thematic heritage experiences. With a strong commitment to showcasing Indian culture authentically, ICW® has been recognized with prestigious awards, including three National Tourism Awards and a Hall of Fame award from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

At ICW®, we believe that heritage is not just about preserving the past but also about shaping the future identity of our country. We are dedicated to recreating the past, upholding the values of Indian culture, and preserving them for future generations. Our services and products encompass all aspects of tangible and intangible heritage, both city-wise and pan-India.

The WALK ICONS® category by INDIA CITY WALKS is a distinguished group comprising intellectual luminaries, dedicated researchers, and master storytellers who collaborate with the organization. These individuals are selected for their profound knowledge, expertise, and passion for storytelling, making them invaluable contributors to the platform’s immersive experiences. Members of the WALK ICONS® category actively engage in a variety of intellectual activities, leading curated tours, workshops that offer in-depth insights into various aspects of Indian culture, art, history, and architecture. These activities are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and provide participants with a deeper understanding of the places visited. Additionally, WALK ICONS® often undertake research projects, contribute articles, and publish works that further enrich the cultural discourse surrounding India’s heritage. Their research and intellectual pursuits play a crucial role in developing educational programs offered by INDIA CITY WALKS.

Nidhi Bansal, CEO of INDIA CITY WALKS shares her vision: “With Walk Icons®, we aim to create a deeper connection between people and places. Our tours and walks, led by esteemed historians and scholars, will offer unparalleled insights and experiences, making every journey a step towards preserving and celebrating our history. Also, becoming a part of Walk Icons® is a prestigious opportunity to join an elite group dedicated to preserving India’s cultural heritage aligned with authentic narratives. Walk with the best and experience history like never before.”

At India City Walks™, we strive to create lasting memories by providing immersive walking tours that allow traveler to explore the rich cultures and environments of India up close. We are passionate about presenting cultural heritage to the public using innovative techniques while preserving its integrity. With years of successful delivery, we ensure that each experience is delivered in a sensitised manner and preserving our shared history for future generations.

If you have a passion for imparting knowledge and experience in teaching, we invite you to join us as part of Walk Icons®. Use your skills to bring history, culture, and stories to life for our visitors.

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DISCLAIMER: WALK ICONS® is a registered trademark of City Explorers Private Limited.

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