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Tourism Entrepreneurship & Citizen Empowerment 

These are challenging times with unmet community needs. However, our team is continuously engaged in creating opportunities for keeping deeper interest in tourism.Our intent is to create a new breed of entrepreneurs who are willing to capitalise on established and respected trademarks as a first mover advantage in the tourism industry.

We also believe in re-creating tourism products, upholding the values of Indian culture and preserve the same for the generations to come. In the process, we undertake all aspects of tangible and in-tangible heritage arenas as our services and products, city-wise and pan-India. We facilitate efficient use of resources and effort into development of tourism across India.

In our entrepreneurial journey too, we have humbly created a benchmark in the city sightseeing sector, boosting local economies by creating jobs, new products within the tourism. Our recognitions as an organization are directly proportional to the team that we create and the ones who deliver experiences across the country. We take extreme care in identifying, training and nurturing individual values to make themselves adaptive to the service led industry of tourism.

We are inviting applications to onboard 11 (eleven) individuals (Age/Gender No Bar) as entrepreneurs to operate our business verticals in an independent capacity such as:

Culinary Walks®, Art Walks®, Heritage Hunt®, Heritage Runs®, Swachh Walks®, Water Heritage®, Storycation®, Border Walks®, Interactive City Discoveries®, Photowalking®

The above verticals are registered intellectual properties of ‘India City Walks’ (City Explorers Pvt Ltd.), a three-time national tourism award winner giving an individual an edge to operate and grow.

We will offer support in training, curating, packaging and marketing, with no upfront fees, no commission / nil registration amount. The financials are only linked to business plan. We are committed to support responsible tourism practices and our incubator program ‘Sustainable Achievements Championing Heritage Induced Network’ integrates local resources to bring economically viable and a sustainable form of tourism entrepreneurship.

We look forward to an email with your profile in 50 words explaining why:

1. A particular brand interest you to steer as an entrepreneur?
2. You are the best individual with past learnings that you intent to apply for this entrepreneurial role?

Please Note*

This offer is only for people who have a work experience in tourism sector. Association with the chosen business vertical will be based on merit and the operating modalities shall be shared on final selection.

For more information or any clarifications, please send us an email on to schedule time for discussions with experts.

Join the tribe of ‘Walk Leaders®
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If you are continuously seeking information about a place, acquiring in-depth knowledge about a craft, have an inquisitive mind and wish to interpret the recorded or oral sources of heritage and history – then join us in the mission to be the best ambassadors of our country’s heritage and legacy.