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India, the delta of Asia is an amalgamation of culture, history, heritage, spirituality, cuisines, and multiple microscopic socio-cultural narratives. Known as the second most populated country of the world but that has never held it back from identifying itself as an example of multi-cultural, multi-lingual, state which has made its mark in the world map.

In this space of growing economy and technology there are some who wish to protect, preserve and nurture the fundamentals of our India cultural identity. This initiative, SOCH an acronym for SAVE OUR CULTURAL HERITAGE, has been passionately designed as a social impact arm of our organisation, CITY EXPLORERS®PRIVATE LIMITED.

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 The purpose of brining SOCH to mainstream work was to device an all-inclusive strategy, make an ecosystem where people could participate, engage, interact, act, and reciprocate towards the betterment of their society, heritage and culture. Many feel ‘heritage’ or ‘cultural heritage’ should not be a concern. To some it may feel, how can Heritage bring social impact or how could cultural heritage be as important as poverty, safe drinking water, right to education or sanitation, good health and hunger?

India City Walks (ICW®) celebrate the diversity of cultural environments, heritage and local traditions, thus fostering creative and inter-cultural exchange process. We aim to strengthen tourism delivery by involving locals to showcase each participating city’s distinctive offerings. The core objective is to empower residents and travellers through thematic experiences India has to offer.

Our destination branding process is undertaken to provide immersive itineraries and enhance employment opportunities for the communities at every social tier.

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SOCH functions through: SKILL DEVELOPMENT, RAISE AWARENESS, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & EMPLOYMENT GENERATION. The tourism industry in our country needs Heritage Heroes and Heritage Enthusiasts. We create them at every stage, we train them for the globetrotters. Our endeavour is to make sure that all rungs of the tourism service sector serves in harmony. An impactful and sustainable portfolio of initiatives bringing value through citizen engagement, storytelling activities delivered by flagships India With Locals, India Heritage Walks® and Storytellers of India®. We are dedicated completely to experiential tourism and our products are envisioned for deep city explorations in conjunction with three time National award winning brand India City Walks. Our Heritage Heroes™ carry the baton of awareness and spearhead neighbourhood engagement initiatives. We work with communities to map cultural assets and ensure a pan-India employment opportunity.



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SOCH address the mismatch in India’s demand-supply, where tourism industry lacks a skilled talent pool, and youngsters cannot get jobs. With inclusive programs, diverse linguistic reach, we reach out to the wider population across the geographical barriers.  We offer innovative ways of amalgamating heritage, history and tourism which was a missing link in the experiential India exploration. Our endeavour has been to conduct successful experiential tourism, immersive experience projects involving showcase, responsibility sharing, upskilling and bringing global attraction to the Indian tourism industry. Our flagships The commercial focus is in attracting visitors (leisure and business). We extend integration expertise to hotels, resorts, entertainment areas, visitor attractions and real estate projects.







SOCH helps you answer these questions – SOCH lets you ‘think’ beyond the horizon. The root cause to most human problems have been around poverty, leading to limited access to the basics. Our initiative taps to the root cause through cultural heritage.

It would be a happy space for our country when skills in tourism will ensure a medium of income for all. There are many nations thriving on tourism economy, SOCH can build this as an option for all.

The founder of CEPL® Dr. Sachin Bansal perspective and idea about SOCH is “Through sustainable tourism practices we enable scenarios in historical space and foster inclusivity and maintain diversity. We invest substantial resources to promote transformative travel with our host communities and create employment in diverse areas in which we operate”.

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If you are continuously seeking information about a place, acquiring in-depth knowledge about a craft, have an inquisitive mind and wish to interpret the recorded or oral sources of heritage and history – then join us in the mission to be the best ambassadors of our country’s heritage and legacy.