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The ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘ was envisaged to celebrate rich cultural heritage through theme based curated walks across the 11 major destinations in the State. Walks were led by LOCALS from various cities. Local ‘Walk Leaders®‘ were selected by India City Walks & India With Locals (CEPL®) for delivery of highest quality experience to the participants. Destinations chosen for the ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘ were Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Gwalior, Panna, Vidisha, Khajuraho, Chanderi, Jabalpur, Orchha and Burhanpur.

Theme based walks & storytelling sessions were conducted simultaneously at each destination. 102 walks were conducted at 11 destinations. Over 2000 participants participated in the festival. Walk Icons® from each city acted as Brand Ambassadors for the promotion of destination and its heritage & culture. We have created a favourable in-destination tourism exploration environment for communities, many of whom required intensive skill training to build an understanding of city walks, heritage walks, sightseeing, travel / tours responsible tourism models.

Through ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘ we have initiated the new age phenomenon to connect with the locals and have given them the opportunity to showcase their city like no-one else. In our cause to make it inclusive we have come up with innovative campaigns like the ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘. This initiative brought awareness around culture preservation, natural resource management, waste management, and corporate and social ethics in tourism to integrate sustainable development and inclusive growth.

The endeavour of ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘ under India City Walks & India With Locals was to motivate the young and old to appreciate and value our built heritage. All our initiatives aim at citizen engagement, especially the ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘. Under the ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘ the training and skill development helped a batch of over 200+ people to refine their skills & understanding about the heritage walks & city experiences. It is also our endeavour to make sure that the generations to come appreciate the city and its culture. We have received appreciation from academic institutions on our responsible tourism initiatives. The ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘contributed to the artisan’s economic enhancement. The overall impact of this ‘(I) CITY WALKS FESTIVAL‘ can be seen through multiple employment generation. One of our biggest recognitions have happened by creating a dignity of labour in the Indian tourism industry.

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