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Lodhi Garden Heritage Walk

Lodhi Garden is picturesque location which is the perfect blend of nature and history. The garden is dotted with beautiful monuments and tombs, symbolizing a historic past within an urbane setting. Earlier named Lady Willingdon Park, after the wife of the then British Viceroy, it was renamed Lodi Garden when it was redesigned in 1968 by J.A. Stein.

The Lodhi Garden Walk is one such experience that covers built heritage as well as lush trees and plants. This offbeat experience in the city of Delhi is curated by ‘Delhi Walks’, a flagship brand of “India City Walks” that strives to provide unique, memorable and unparalleled city experiences. Pick and choose from a wide range of itineraries that’ll enable you to explore the quirky, multicultural fabric of Delhi, thus helping them connect with the plural, vibrant soul of the city.



One of the most important heritage structures and the only Sayyid structure inside Lodhi Garden, belongs to the last Sayyid ruler, Muhammad Shah Sayyid. The building is a fine example of Sayyid tomb architecture in Delhi and was commissioned by his son Alauddin Alam Shah. The structure stands on a high platform, dressed in Delhi quartzite stone. Enjoy a discussion on the intricate ornamentation inside the Sayyid ruler’s tomb, made of incised stucco plasterwork and carved with beautiful patterns, colors and Quranic inscriptions. When on a tour with ‘Delhi Walks’, you also won’t miss out on the various markers of Indo-Islamic architectural features in the tomb, such as corbelled doorways and octagonal chhatris.

The might of the Lodhi dynasty becomes a tangible entity and hovers in the air as you tour through the tomb of Sikandar Lodi, a significant ruler of the Lodhi dynasty. The tomb has an elaborate gateway, battlement walls and recessed arches. The tomb is quite similar in appearance to Muhammad Shah’s Tomb, but a session on architecture with ‘Delhi Walks’ will help you identify the minute differences with ease. The inner chamber of the tomb is surrounded by a lovely verandah of arches with carved sandstone brackets. Watch out for the designed glazed tiles and painted stucco-work inside the tomb.

Not very far from Sikandar Lodhi’s Tomb lies a sixteenth-century bridge called Athpula which was built during Akbar’s reign by Nawab Bahadur. This was a part of the river system that drained the south Delhi area and then fed the River Yamuna. Its present name is ‘Athpula’, derived from the ath (eight) piers that support the arches of the bridge. A walking tour with ’Delhi Walks’ covers all kinds of stories about Mughal architecture and its evolution in the Indian subcontinent.


Lodhi Garden is also known for its popular picnic spots and one such spot lies right next to a structure called Bada Gumbad. Believed to be a gateway not a tomb, the name literally means the building with a big (bada) dome (gumbad). Rising up to approximately 27 m, this imposing structure is one of the biggest and the finest examples of Lodi period monuments in Delhi. On the face of it, the structure appears to have two storeys, but ‘Delhi Walks’ will help you notice that it has a single chamber with a magnificent high ceiling. The doorways are corbelled and beautifully carved with minimal decoration.

The tour also covers a small yet beautiful mosque adorning this building. The mosque has five arched openings with spectacular stucco work of floral motifs and geometric designs. The arches lead into a rectangular prayer hall that has Quranic inscriptions on the walls and decorated ceilings.

Join ‘Delhi Walks’ on a walking tour and discover why this popular picnic spot, which has been managed so well and contains a plethora of heritage structures never ceases to amaze us. The passionate team of city explorers of ‘Delhi Walks’ narrates intriguing tales that are interspersed with anecdotes, facts, myths and legends, all of which are bound to intrigue you. ‘Delhi Walks’ aims to enrich your city experience and give it a holistic touch. Even in the city’s most popular locations, we offer unparalleled and memorable local experiences.

We curate thematic walking tours and develop unique experiential itineraries that enable travelers to explore the quirky, multicultural fabric of Delhi. We aim to make your city experience memorable and holistic.

We strive to exceed your expectations and make our walks even better every time and try our best to make your visit the most memorable one. Delhi is a pulsating modern city with 5,000 years of history that has witnessed the rise and fall of many empires.

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