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Humayun’s Tomb Complex

The tomb complex of Humayun, located in Nizamuddin East, encompasses the main tomb of Emperor Humayun as well as numerous other Mughal structures. The tomb itself, a massive red sandstone and white marble structure rests on a large plinth in the centre of an enclosed Mughal Chahārbāgh. Subsidiary water channels and paths subdivide the quadrants of the garden into smaller sections. The mausoleum was built at an estimated cost of INR fifteen lakhs.

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The first historic structure encountered by visitors on entering the World Heritage Site complex of Humayun’s Tomb is the Isa Khan Tomb complex, a walled area adjacent to Humayun’s Tomb and the resting place of Isa Khan Niyazi, a noble of influence at the court of Sher Shan Suri.  A ‘Delhi Walks’ tour will walk you through the finer points of the mosque and octagonal tomb that built in the Sur architectural style and enclosed in Isa Khan’s walled complex.

Not very far from this walled complex lie the remains of a sarāi or a rest house. Arab Sarāi was also built by Haji Begum, the widow of Humayun in 1560-61 supposedly to house the masons and workers engaged to build the royal cenotaph. From here, ‘Delhi Walks’ shall take you straight to the first of the monumental mausoleums built in the country. The tomb of Mughal Emperor Humayun who was renowned for his affinity towards astronomy is built in a typical Persian hast-bīhist (noni-partite) plan, ‘Delhi Walks’ shall hold a detailed discussion on the building style, which will help you understand the combination of Persian architecture and indigenous building styles used in this attractive tomb complex. Outside the north-east corner of Humayun’s mausoleum, there stands a structure known as Chillah Nizamuddin Auliya, which is believed to be the residence of renowned Sufi saint Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya. A tour with ‘Delhi Walks’ shall help you understand the intricate details behind the significance of this chosen location for Humayun’s mausoleum with regard to its proximity to the shrine of a Sufi saint.

Join us and explore what made this place an architectural masterpiece and why the man for whom the tomb was built had struggled so much to re-gain his empire, only to die 11 months later. “India City Walks” is National Award winning brand that was conceptualized with the simple idea of exploring cities across India in an earthy manner.

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