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In the mid 14th century, when Firoz Shah Tughlaq ascended the throne of Delhi, he built his own city Firozabad, with its accompanying citadel. Explore the legacy and vision of Tughlaq Emperor Firoz Shah Tughlaq, the man who was fond of restoring heritage structures with ‘Delhi Walks’, a flagship brand of India City Walks which strives to provide unique, memorable and unparalleled city experiences. Pick and choose from a wide range of itineraries that’ll enable you to explore the quirky, multicultural fabric of Delhi, thus helping them connect with the plural, vibrant soul of the city.

Also known as Kushak-e-Firoz, Firoz Shah Kotla was built in 1354 and lay along the banks of the river Yamuna (the river has since changed its course eastwards). Little remains of Firozabad today because two subsequent cities of Delhi-Sher Shah’s capital in the 16th century and Shahjahanabad in the 17th century adjoined the boundaries of this city. Consequently, the buildings of Firozabad were broken up to supply building materials for these new cities. ‘Delhi Walks’ shall walk you through significant structures that have survived, such as the Kalan Masjid which fell within the walls of Shahjahanabad, the citadel (Firoz Shah Kotla) and its prominent buildings. ‘Delhi Walks’ shall also point out the ruins of the palaces, pillared halls, mosques, a pigeon-tower and a baoli (stepwell) in the citadel, and conduct storytelling sessions around these pit stops that will give you a better sense of the vision of Firoz Shah Tughlaq and help you connect with his thought line through his built heritage that has managed to survived the test of time. The main palaces held pride of place along the riverfront, to which a flight of stairs led down. All around were enclosing walls pierced by a double row of arrow slits, with circular bastions at the corners.

In the twentieth century, this fortress of Firoz Shah Tughlaq developed a curious reputation as the abode of spirits or djinns, who had to be appeased. Every Thursday hundreds of local people from the neighborhood come to offer milk and grain, light candles and incense, and leave little strips of thread or colored cloth, often with petitions scribbled on bits of paper, at various places within the complex.

Join ‘Delhi Walks’ on a walking tour and discover the mystic appeal of Firozabad with its intriguing myths and legends and relevant remnants of a capital city that managed to impress conqueror Timur. The passionate team of city explorers of ‘Delhi Walks’ narrates intriguing tales that are interspersed with anecdotes, facts and tales, all of which are bound to intrigue you. ‘Delhi Walks’ aims to enrich your city experience and give it a holistic touch. Even in the city’s most popular locations, we offer unparalleled and memorable local experiences.

We curate thematic walking tours and develop unique experiential itineraries that enable travelers to explore the quirky, multicultural fabric of Delhi. We aim to make your city experience memorable and holistic.

We strive to exceed your expectations and make our walks even better every time and try our best to make your visit the most memorable one. Delhi is a pulsating modern city with 5,000 years of history that has witnessed the rise and fall of many empires.

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