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Duration: 4 Hours
Location: Connaught Place, Janpath and secret local places
Price: Varies
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While the rest of Delhi around it transformed and changed into unrecognizable avatars, CP has retained its Lutyen charm. The entire Connaught circus is a labyrinth of eateries that combine the old and new, traditional and modern.

Enjoy a fantastic culinary adventure as we whizz around the centre of Delhi. Gain a local perspective on the gastronomic delights that the city has to offer and taste exotic palates of classic culinary fare, that range from pastries, fluffy idlis and mutton patties and the choicest selection of North-Indian cuisines in the capital city that you can lay your hands on.

This Tuk Tuk ride showcases cultural diversity through a culinary journey that lets you slurp on creamy milk shakes, marvel at the wide array of regional cuisines , tuck into fuss-free South-Indian cuisine, or simply bask in the nostalgic aura of cafes that survived to see the rise and fall of the British Raj.


  • Feast on lip-smacking North-Indian delicacies that are worth the wait

  • Relish the taste of one of the oldest confectionery shops in the new city

  • Discover a scrumptious assortment of cakes, quiches and sandwiches

  • Experiment with the tongue-tickling taste of  innovative burgers

  • Visit a gorgeous ice-cream parlor that sells ice-cream imbued with real ‘natural fruits.

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We at India City Walks strive to create memories to last a lifetime by delving beneath the surface of your chosen destination. We offer a range of fantastic tours in India, allowing you to experience the diversity of the cities while exploring different cultures.

We make sure that each of our tours are perfectly tailored and provide you the best experience. It is our passion to deliver a truly memorable experience and at the same time keep you as safe as possible.

A traveller on our Tuk Tuk does not need to worry about winding lanes, guide books and confounding route maps. Our Tuk Tuk ride moves at your pace and gives you ample amount of time to admire magnificent heritage buildings, stop and chat with locals, tuck into delicious local street treats and marvel at the humdrum of daily life in a new culture. Every Tuk Tuk has its own driver and can carry up to three people at once – but we can also arrange for a group tour so there is no need to hesitate if you want to cruise with a gang of friends or your large circle of relatives.

Tour Dates: Private Tour (as per client convenience). Normal tour requires minimum 4 hours.

Suggested Tour Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

The tour can be done through out the year and anytime as per requirement.

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