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Duration: 4 hours
Location: New Delhi and surrounding areas
Price: Varies
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From princely palaces that form an integral part of its urban topography to iconic architectural landmarks with outstanding aesthetic significance, the city of Edwin Lutyens enshrine the continual process of knitting an unstitched destiny.
Enter a time-warp on this historical journey that explores imposing structures juxtaposed with modernity. Encounter strategically preserved monuments, wide roads and green boulevards, carefully chosen motifs of syncretic architecture and a medieval baoli, bang in the middle of a thriving residential and commercial centre. Take in the magnificence of an imposing memorial arch, which has a carnivalesque aura, forever buzzing with tourists, candy floss sellers and ice-cream vendors.


  • Step back in time to the days of the British Raj and perceive the fine jewels in the crown of Lutyens’ architectural vision for New Delhi.

  • Explore the link between Anglo-Saxon architecture and the Gaekwad legacy of New Delhi.

  • Drive past the regal abode of Nizams, built an estimated cost of Rs 15 million!

  • Explore a poignant memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi with vivid miniature dioramas depicting scenes from his life.

  • Admire the nuances of paradisiacal imagery at a captivating and perfectly proportionate 16th century Persian-Mughal mausoleum.

  • Discover a community of 64 dhobis, whose primary occupation involves a unique open air laundry service!

  • Amble about a medieval era step-well tucked away in the heart of Connaught Place, flanked by arched niches, believed to be the abode of djinns.

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We at India City Walks strive to create memories to last a lifetime by delving beneath the surface of your chosen destination. We offer a range of fantastic tours in India, allowing you to experience the diversity of the cities while exploring different cultures.

We make sure that each of our tours are perfectly tailored and provide you the best experience. It is our passion to deliver a truly memorable experience and at the same time keep you as safe as possible. A Tuk Tuk ride for us is not just a tour but an experience we wish to share with all of you, where you can delve into the vivid cultural weave in mind and discover enumerable structures and cultures that stand in and around the nooks and corners of Delhi, waiting to be explored by people passionate about the city’s heritage and diverse history. We love curating eco-friendly rides that connect travelers with the city’s colourful past, thus providing a context for the present day development of the city.

A traveller on our Tuk Tuk does not need to worry about winding lanes, guide books and confounding route maps. Our Tuk Tuk ride moves at your pace and gives you ample amount of time to admire magnificent heritage buildings, stop and chat with locals, tuck into delicious local street treats and marvel at the humdrum of daily life in a new culture. Every Tuk Tuk has its own driver and can carry up to three people at once – but we can also arrange for a group tour so there is no need to hesitate if you want to cruise with a gang of friends or your large circle of relatives.

Tour Dates: Private Tour (as per client convenience). Normal tour requires minimum 4 hours.

Suggested Tour Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

The tour can be done through out the year and anytime as per requirement.

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